-Live Event Painting with Leah North

Live event painting is an engaging way to capture your special occasion in a form that can be cherished for a lifetime. Leah’s mission is to capture the beautiful atmosphere of your special day so that the memory can continue to be enjoyed as a centerpiece in your home.  

-The Investment

Every wedding is a work of art; one that took the couple time and money to create. You are here because you want your investment to live on in more than a memory and a book. Your wedding is designed to your aesthetic and your venue is picked with purpose. Your wedding is something that deserves to be showcased and displayed! 


Thomas North Photography Live Event Painting Featuring Leah North

-The Person

Leah has been painting all her life and found her calling in the form of oil painting landscapes. All of her works are oil paint on canvas and combine color, movement, and texture to bring those images to life. 

Her goal is to create a painting that can be displayed in every season. Something that captures the memory of the day, but doesn’t necessarily look like a wedding photo.

Leah wants to create a piece that captures your guests’ attention when they walk in your home and encourages them to want to know more about the story behind the painting. 

-The Process

Leah wants this painting to match your aesthetic, which is why the process will be an open conversation with you involved. When the venue is chosen, she will visit the location and take reference photos. Before the wedding, you will choose a subject together, and discuss the colors and mood that would bring the image in your head to life.

The day of the wedding, she will set up her easel and paints and get to work. But, this is not a solitary process! Leah wants to engage your guests and make this a creative and unique addition to your reception. Leah’s outgoing personality makes it easy for guests to come up and start conversations or ask questions about the process. Everything you choose for your wedding (from the music, to the colors, to the food) adds to the overall feel of the event. And a live painting will add an energy your guests won’t soon forget!

Interested in prints or other original paintings? Send us a message on our contact page to see available artwork!