The California Almond Orchards

California almond orchards are a beautiful and unique setting for portrait photography. With their picturesque rows of blooming almond trees, they provide a stunning backdrop that can add a touch of natural beauty and serenity to any portrait. The soft, diffused light that filters through the trees creates a flattering and gentle glow that can enhance skin tones and make subjects appear more radiant. Additionally, the varied textures and colors of the orchard can provide interesting compositional elements to play with, such as the contrast between the white or pink blooms of the trees and the vibrant greens of the grass and leaves.  To take pictures in the orchards you have to be quick though, as they only last for a few weeks at the beginning of spring.

Below and Above ~ Leah North

Thomas North Photography - Leah Almonds

~Mary and Sernan

Couples Photos within the orchards look great at close range.  Thomas North’s style of photography tends to focus on the beauty of the individuals with the background setting the color tone.  Mary and Sernan, pictured below, like bright and warm color tones.  Mary has been judging Thomas’ photos since day one and has consistently said “Thomas!  Brighter!”.  Thanks Mary.

Thomas North Photography - Mary California Almond Orchard
Thomas North Photography - Mary and Sern California Almond Orchard

~The Penalosa Twins

The Penalosa Twins, pictured below, are just too darn adorable not to throw in a ton of their pictures.  Big, bright personalities help set the cuteness overload tone of this portrait session.  Giving children props, such as flowers, to hold helps keep them focused and to overcome nervousness.

Thomas North Photography - California Almond Orchard PT
Thomas North Photography - The Penalosa Twins Cuties
Thomas North Photography - The Penalosa Twins Sniffer
Thomas North Photography - The Penalosa Twins Happy
Thomas North Photography - The Penalosa Twins Almonds

~Tips for Photographing Children in the California Almond Orchards

  1. Get down to their level: To capture the world from a child’s perspective, it’s important to get down to their level. This will help you capture the child’s point of view and create a more personal and engaging image.

  2. Use natural light: Try to use natural light as much as possible, as it’s the most flattering and helps capture the child’s natural beauty. Avoid using a flash if possible, as it can be harsh and disturbing.

  3. Capture candid moments: Children are always moving and active, so it’s important to capture candid moments when they’re relaxed and being themselves. Try to capture their laughter, curiosity, and playfulness, and avoid forcing them to pose or smile.

  4. Keep it simple: Keep the composition and background simple, so the focus is on the child. A cluttered background can be distracting and take away from the subject.

  5. Be patient: Children can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to be patient and wait for the right moment. Be prepared to take multiple shots to capture the perfect moment.

  6. Interact with them: Engage with the child to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Play with them, ask them questions, and make them laugh. This will help you capture their true personality and emotions.

  7. Keep safety in mind: Always prioritize the child’s safety and comfort, especially when posing them for a shot. Don’t put them in any dangerous situations, and never force them to do something they’re uncomfortable with.

Thomas North Photography - The Penalosa Twins Flower Petals California Almond Orchard

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